Canes Hold On – Prevail… Somehow


The Canes game proved to be a nail biter and my elation for their victory was eclipsed by my son, Zac’s, hysteria. He’s pretty sure they’re going to win the National Championship AND the Stanley Cup this year! Though it was an ugly game, the right team won and I’m very happy that our Canes are back in the national conversation… for now. But my favorite part of the game, and pretty much the only reason for this post, was this moment…

Canes & Gators

On top of the CONSTANT jawing throughout the game, as the final seconds of the first half were ticking off the clock, players from both teams were squaring off at the line of scrimmage, neither willing to back down. It took a picket fence of referees to keep them separated and eventually, they trickled into the half time locker rooms with no incident. But it shows that no matter how good, or how bad the team… Canes will ALWAYS have swagger. When elite talent meets that swagger… look out!



US @ Costa Rica Soccer Match 11/6/13


Before the game last night, I made the proclamation that if the US won that World Cup qualifying soccer game against Costa Rica, I’d be happy. But if Costa Rica won, I wouldn’t care either way. But after being in the mouth of the lion last night – in a typically local Tico bar in San Antonio de Belen, to watch the game, the eruptions after the first and second goals were earth shaking. I have not heard a sound like that since the Fins played in the Orange Bowl. I could not help but admire the unbridled passion these people have for their team and their country. And though I was only a bit disappointed that the US were in a hole early, I was clearly caught up in the rapture of hysteria.

Costa Rican Midfeilder


With players like above… who can blame them. And we thought we had something with Lingerie Football! In America, we have 4 sports, in CR, they have 1. I remember 1 weekend when the Cans, and Dolphins won – and the Marlins won twice… in CR you get 1 game every few weeks or so. So every game is like the super bowl to them and they were celebrating as such. But when the US scored on a penalty kick late in the 1st to draw within 1, and then applied copious pressure in the 2nd half… I found myself actually rooting for CR – if only to avert being witness to a mass suicide should the US come back and tie or god forbid win. But they did not. The Ticos scored on another spectacular goal to salt it away and all was well in Central America. If every you were going to try to make a case for soccer, this would be a game you would point to. Pura Vida!

Weekend Sports Lineup 11/6/13


No – I don’t really pay attention to soccer, I mean football, I mean – what ever… but this one is noteworthy for the following up close and personal experience…

Today, Costa Rica tries to avenge the 1-nill loss to the US a couple months ago in a world cup qualifier. This was particularly memorable to me because A) the US was playing Costa Rica, and B) the game was played in Colorado – and it SNOWED… and I mean BIG TIME snowed…. like – you couldn’t see the field – snowed.

US CR Soccer Banner

But as the pictures above attest, the American mentality is “cool!… both teams have to play in it… so let’s have some fun and see who can over come the elements”. But NOT Ticos! These people break out sweaters, comforters and space heaters when it dips down below 71. I was up at the watering hole watching this game and the locals were just going BANANAS that the refs didn’t call the game or schedule for a do-over. Every time someone fell down they just lost their minds. But they pretty much do that all game long anyway. I have found that the amount of enjoyment one derives from watching a soccer match is predicated on how many times something ALMOST happens. But the public melt down reach a boiling point when the Americans scored. I thought they were going to burn the bar down! From that point on in the evening, I was Canadian again.

CR Game

In the days that followed the match, the Costa Rican team brass actually protested the game and demanded that FIFA order a replay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This complaining started ONLY after the American’s scored the first and (typically) the only goal. Since then, I have tried asking every Tico I know this 1, singular, yes-or-no question…

“If Costa Rica won, would you still demand to replay the game?”

Of the 20 or so people I’ve asked… NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM has come close to TRYING to give an answer. Instead, they ALL launched into a diatribe about how “you can’t play in the snow, the footing and slipping and it’s MUY FRIO!!!” – you know… whiny, cry-baby, soccer, faggot shit! I let them have their say, pretend to be listening and actually AGREEING with them, but when they’re between breaths… I ask again, “so yes or no… would you want to replay the game if Costa Rica won?”… and it’s like someone hit the “rewind-play” buttons and all the same pre-programed swill comes tumbling out. I was 0-20 on getting a yes-or-no answer. It’s not their fault though. I just think they’re genetically predisposed to whine and cry like little sissy faggot balls when something doesn’t go their way – just like the PLAYERS do! And they say the NBA has a flopping problem. If the US wins tonight… I will NOT be doing any kind of Pro-US posturing at Charlie’s La Deportiva but will certainly be having a good giggle to myself. If Costa Rica wins, I honestly won’t give a flying crap.


Duke Johnson

To me… this is as close to Jets-Dolphins hatred as you can get in College. A GREAT game and a real test for the Canes. This is the game that could vault them, and Duke Johnson into the national conversation. But it’s probably more likely the game that puts them in the typical early season hole never to peak up past the top 25 slot until around this time next year. I’m hoping for the former.

SUNDAY @ 11am

First off… how much am I loving the 11am start? Wake up, drop some acid, rub one out, slam a 6 pack… and before I know it… it’s GAME TIME BABY!

Fins Game 1 Banner

Fins have lost their last 4 against the crappy Browns. Not this time. Between ESPN and NFL Network analysts – 10 out of 11 ‘SPURTS picked the Browns in this game… which means put all you’ve got on the Dolphins to win!


And this is the last time I’ll complain about that dirty fucking pre-season hit with helmet directly to the knees of Dustin Keller by Fuck-Jerk Swearinger for the Texans. That injury hurt because this was the first time we’ve had a proper tight end since… um, anyone? AND because it was completely avoidable. His excuse that he was trying to avoid a helmet to helmet his tells me that this jerk off skipped his biology class when they learned that it’s long way from head to knee on a 6 1/2 foot man. My feeling is that if Keller sits for the year… so should he. When Keller gets back on the field, THAT is when butt-munch serves an additional 3 game suspension for that dirty play.

I love the new all-white uni’s so much, I’m going to keep stats on how often they win.

Full report to follow the game… the season is upon us and the blogger is back. Now, let’s see if some of you dullards can actually form a coherent sentence and respond with something a bit more substantive than John Luce’s “I know you’re gay and I’m OK with it”. I know you are Johnny… I know you are ;-).

Here’s a picture of the new Dolphins logo…

Fins Cheerleader