Canes Hold On – Prevail… Somehow


The Canes game proved to be a nail biter and my elation for their victory was eclipsed by my son, Zac’s, hysteria. He’s pretty sure they’re going to win the National Championship AND the Stanley Cup this year! Though it was an ugly game, the right team won and I’m very happy that our Canes are back in the national conversation… for now. But my favorite part of the game, and pretty much the only reason for this post, was this moment…

Canes & Gators

On top of the CONSTANT jawing throughout the game, as the final seconds of the first half were ticking off the clock, players from both teams were squaring off at the line of scrimmage, neither willing to back down. It took a picket fence of referees to keep them separated and eventually, they trickled into the half time locker rooms with no incident. But it shows that no matter how good, or how bad the team… Canes will ALWAYS have swagger. When elite talent meets that swagger… look out!



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