US @ Costa Rica Soccer Match 11/6/13


Before the game last night, I made the proclamation that if the US won that World Cup qualifying soccer game against Costa Rica, I’d be happy. But if Costa Rica won, I wouldn’t care either way. But after being in the mouth of the lion last night – in a typically local Tico bar in San Antonio de Belen, to watch the game, the eruptions after the first and second goals were earth shaking. I have not heard a sound like that since the Fins played in the Orange Bowl. I could not help but admire the unbridled passion these people have for their team and their country. And though I was only a bit disappointed that the US were in a hole early, I was clearly caught up in the rapture of hysteria.

Costa Rican Midfeilder


With players like above… who can blame them. And we thought we had something with Lingerie Football! In America, we have 4 sports, in CR, they have 1. I remember 1 weekend when the Cans, and Dolphins won – and the Marlins won twice… in CR you get 1 game every few weeks or so. So every game is like the super bowl to them and they were celebrating as such. But when the US scored on a penalty kick late in the 1st to draw within 1, and then applied copious pressure in the 2nd half… I found myself actually rooting for CR – if only to avert being witness to a mass suicide should the US come back and tie or god forbid win. But they did not. The Ticos scored on another spectacular goal to salt it away and all was well in Central America. If every you were going to try to make a case for soccer, this would be a game you would point to. Pura Vida!


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