Fins 2014 Final Stretch Report…. oi vey!

Here we are…

…that familiar time of year that Phins-Fans are hoping for that spark, that unexpected bonus, those big plays and wild success that helps us win down the stretch…

2 Months

but we ARE the Dolphins, and it IS December.

It wasn’t too much of a stretch to see the wheels falling off the offensive when Albert went down, and the absence of OL depth was consequently exposed. Disappointing to be sure, but I, for one, was quite impressed that the brass managed to find 5 new starters and put together a GOOD offensive line in the off season, but acknowledge that doing so made it impossible to build depth at the same time.

Mouth Punch

And it was right around that time, about 3 pathetic games ago, that our D was being hailed as “the best in the league” by some, and ranked anywhere from #2 to #6 over-all, depending on which numbers are being used, and by what talking-head happen to be talking at the moment. So it was not much of a stretch, it wasn’t asking too much to hope, it was not out of the question to wish, hell – to EXPECT our vaunted D to step up and start dominating and pick up the slack was it? Yes, apparently it was.

  • Do they make plays to win games?
  • Do they shut down other teams with regularity?
  • Do they just play “OK” and hold teams to 300 yards of offense instead of the 400+ they’re giving up?
  • Do they live up to their ink when we need them to the most?

Of course they don’t,

First Down

Yes folks, it’s that time of year that our team’s #1 strength, the cornerstone, the guys we thought we can depend on FER SHER… set a 3 game record in FUTILITY and will certainly end the season just like last season, with the same shameful and embarrassing whimper a puppy makes when it pees on the floor right in front of you. And after 10+ season of this, I’m ready to accept that this is now my life.

Different players
Different owner
Different logo
Different offense
Different defense
Different kicker
Different coaches
Different cheerleaders…



Silver Lining

Yup, now’s the time we have to read “Should We Trade Wake?” headlines, and “IS Philbin on The Hot Seat?” headlines instead of ones that have to do with the play on the field. We get to read “Dolphins 2015 Draft Projections” and I recently saw and article that showed which state hates which team the most. There are LOTS of Patriot haters our there… not a single Dolphin hater. NO ONE hates us? We are completely irrelevant! Which reminded me how much I liked to be hated when Lebron was here. Winning fixes everything, which also explains why we are perpetually broken.


Though I’m obviously dismayed at our repeated late season futility, I am NOT the knee-jerk guy that wants to fire everyone and start over… AGAIN. Have we not proven that ‘appeasing knee-jerk fans’ does NOT work? I say stay the course for at least 1 more season – see if Hickey can bring in some more talent (and depth) in his 2nd season with the team… and let the good core of players we have develop around the new ones – Landry being one of them. But then again, if Cam Cameron is available, I could change my mind on that. Anyone looking forward to the Harbaugh Circus Pt. Deux? Not me. I wonder if Ross will take Philbin on the trip to SF with him so he will help close the deal?


PS if Dion Jordan doesn’t earn a paycheck this week, then renegotiate his contract to “back-up-linebacker-taken-in-the-4th-round” status.

PSS Vegas line has the Pats -178. I’m layin’ the points.

Mike's Phins-Face

My face has been stuck like this since the Denver game. Please send help!